Adults $10.00
Kids 5-12 $5.00
Under 5 FREE




Friday Only: Kids Concessions $1.00



Friday, January 23, 2015
1:00pm - 9:00pm


Saturday, January 24, 2015
9:00am - 9:00pm


Sunday, January 25, 2015
9:00am - 6:00pm





Sunday, January 25, 2015





  Arkansas State Fairgrounds

2600 Howard Street

Little Rock, AR 72206

From Interstate 30, take Exit #139A (Roosevelt Road).  Proceed west 1.9 miles to Howard Street on the left.

Arkansas Big Buck Classic

Deer Scoring
Rules - Regulations - Eligibility



To be eligible for prizes, antlers must be brought to the registration desk in Barton Coliseum from 1 pm to 9 pm Friday or from 9 am to 5 pm Saturday. There is no fee for contest or scoring of 2 deer per hunter other than general admission charge. There is a $10 charge per antler after two. Each entrant must leave antlers on display through the awards presentation on Sunday to be eligible for prizes. All top ten and category winners must be available Saturday evening or Sunday morning for polygraph testing. Finalists will be notified either Saturday evening or Sunday morning for testing times. It is the entrants' responsibility to leave a phone number to be contacted for testing time. ABBC IS NOT



The Classic is open to all whitetail hunters who hunt in the state of Arkansas.


Scoring will be done on site at the Classic.



  • Antlers for all divisions must be current season Arkansas Whitetail deer except Best of Show & Best New Buck, which are for previous season whitetail deer.
  • Antlers must be checked in at registration desk by 5:00 pm Saturday.
  • Entrant must supply all requested information for entry at check-in.
  • Falsified information will disqualify entrant for any prizes or awards.
  • Entrant must be willing to submit to polygraph testing & pass
    polygraph or be disqualified.
  • Antlers must have been obtained within full compliance of all game laws of the state of Arkansas and must comply with Boone & Crockett guidelines of Fair Chase.
  • All antlers must have been taken in Arkansas or under Arkansas jurisdiction (except Best of Show).
  • Any antlers removed from the Classic prior to the Awards Presentation on Sunday forfeit any awards or prizes.
  • All entries will be scored and recorded in the Classic archives.
  • Classic scorers will try to make a notation if a deer qualifies for distinction with Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young, but it is the entrants' responsibility to fill out the appropriate paperwork for these organizations.
  • All entries agree by their entry to allow Arkansas Big Buck Classic, Inc., and its agents the right to use photos for promotional purposes without further compensation.
  • All entries receive an Arkansas Big Buck Classic scoring certificate.
  • In the event of a tie in any division, including Overall, a drawing will determine the winner.
  • All decisions made by the Arkansas Big Buck Classic scoring committee are final.

Categories for recognition are as follows:



  • Bad Boy Buggy from Bradford Marine & ATV
  • Big Buck Classic Trophy
  • Big Buck Classic Coat

The Overall prize is awarded to the deer whose score comes closest to or exceeds the minimal requirement for Boone & Crockett in the category of typical or non-typical.



Age 15 & under


1st place:
  7 mm Remington Riflw

  Big Buck Classic Coat


2nd place:
  Remington Knife

  $50 Gift Certificate to   ammocanman.com


3rd place:
  Remington Ammo

  $25 Gift Cerfticate to   ammocanman.com





1st place:

  7 mm Remington Rifle

  Big Buck Classic Coat


2nd place:
  Remington Knife

  $50 Gift Cerfiticate to ammocanman.com


3rd place:
  Remington Ammo

  $25 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com





1st place:
 Gift Card to Mack's Prairie  Wings

 Big Buck Classic Coat


2nd place:
  Remington Knife

  $50 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com


3rd place:
  Remington Ammo

  $25 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com





1st place:
  Gift Card to Mack's Prairie  Wings

  Big Buck Classic Coat


2nd place:
  Remington Knife

  $50 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com


3rd place:
  Remington Ammo

  $25 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com





1st place:
  7 mm Remington rifle

  Big Buck Classic Coat


2nd place:
  Remington Knife

  $50 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com


3rd place:
  Remington Ammo

  $25 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com  





1st place:
  7 mm Remington Rifle

  Big Buck Classic Coat


2nd place:
  Remington Knife

  $50 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com


3rd place:
  Remington Ammo

  $25 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com




The top ten scoring deer entered into the current season contest will be recognized as the Top Ten Overall. Each score is ranked in order of those coming closest to or exceeding the minimum for Boone & Crockett including typical & non-typical, and spanning all divisions.



Remington will award a plaque to the largest GROSS scoring entry from each county in Arkansas; gross meaning the total number of inches measured - no deductions.



(Sheds which have won the shed division before are not eligible for entry)

1st place:
  Gift card to Mack's Prairie Wings 

2nd place:
  $50 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com

3rd place:
  $25 Gift Certificate to ammocanman.com



Arkansas Best of Show & Out of State Best of Show.

Plaque awarded to entry deemed most impressive by the Scoring
committee. Should be appropriately displayed.



A plaque is awarded to any prior season Boone & Crockett whitetail officially scored for the first time which makes the all-time record book.


ALL YOUTH receive ribbons and are called on stage during the awards ceremony.


HONOR ROLL ribbons are awarded to all deer with a net score of 130+Typical or 155+ Non-Typical


2 DRAWINGS will be held for a Lazy Man Deer Stand and a Quacker Box Duck Blind.  These drawings will be for hunters which enter a deer in the contest but do not win a category or finish in the Top Ten Overall.



What does it take to have a record book whitetail deer?

If you call the Boone and Crockett headquarters and ask, "Which Southern state leads in the number of B&C record book entries?" the answer will be, "Georgia is first, and Arkansas is second." However, ARKANSAS actually has more entries in the all time record book!
Arkansans have not been listing deer scoring 160+ and 185+ as much as Georgia. Let's get Arkansas the credit it deserves and start registering the 160+ & 185+ deer. Please read the following information on what it takes to have a record deer.


Boone & Crockett Club (Modern Gun)

This publication lists ALL B&C entries that exceed the minimum of 160 typical and 185 non-typical (Approximately 1 in 10,000 bucks qualify).
A wall plaque and certificate is issued to the owner by B&C.
The Awards Book is Published every 3 years.

Records of North America Big Game: ALL TIME BOOK
Trophies that meet the All-Time minimum of 170+ typical or 195+ non-typical will be listed in both the Awards book and the "Records of North American Big Game."
A wall plaque and certificate is issued to the owner by B&C.
The All-Time Record book is Published every 6 years for only B&C entries that exceed the 170 typical and 195 non-typical minimums (Approximately 1 in 20,000 bucks qualify).


**Crossbow does not have a record book and must be listed in the corresponding B&C record book.


Pope and Young Club (Bow)

The Pope and Young Club publishes its all-time record book, Bowhunting Big Game Records of North America, every 6 years. It was last published in 2011.
A certificate is issued to the bowhunter signifying the deer has been accepted into the P&Y Records Program. It is listed in the next published record book.
Minimum scores for Pope and Young are: Typical 125 and Non-Typical 155


National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (Muzzleloader)

The NMLRA publishes the Longhunter Muzzleloading Big Game Record Book about every 4 years. It was last published in 2008.
Minimums for the Muzzleloader book are: Typical 130 and Non-typical 160


North American Shed Hunters Club (Sheds)

The NASHC publishes Shed Antler Records of North American Big Game every 4-6 years. Minimums to be included are: Shed Typical 60 and Shed Non-typical 70.





Bwana Jim's Live Animal Kids' Show


Natural State Clubhouse Hosted by the Arkansas 4-H Center, the Clubhouse offers FREE hands-on activities for kids. Archery, ATV Safety, Bait Casting, Tree ID, Animal skins, skulls and tracks, and an aligator are just a few of the fun things kids can check out.  Location: Farm and Ranch Building.


Joe Martin's Snakes of Texas, featuring the team from Rattlesnake Republic as seen on Animal Planet.


Experience Bow Fishing! Free bow fish shoot tank in front of the Hall of Industry.


Little Bear Forge:

Knife forging, grinding, and cutting demonstrations.
Arkansas has more Master Knifesmiths than any state in the Union.


Friday, January 24: 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm

Saturday, January 25: 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm, & 6:00 pm

Sunday, January 26: 1:00 pm


Deer Scoring and Wall of Antlers. Location: Barton Coliseum.


Live Animals Display


Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Aquarium.


Climbing Wall benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Monster Whitetails of Arkansas Display


Mechanical Bull Riding



3D Hydrographics

A.M. Calls

Abby's Special Dips

Advanced Satellite Systems

Airbrush Outfitters

All American Classics

Almanor Log Homes

Arkansas 4-H Center

Arkansas Black Bear   Association

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry

AR Prostrate Cancer Foundation

Arkansas Wildlife Federation

Backbone Mountain Hunting Ranch

Backwoods Log Furniture

Ballistics Specialties

Barrell Train Amusements

Bassett Foods LLC

Battery Outfitters

Bennche, Inc.

Big Rock Apparel

Blackhawk His/Her Cleaner

Bowfishing of America

Bradford Marine

Buck Girl, Inc.

Bureau of ATF

Bwana Jim Kids' Show

Camo Corner

Canadian Trophy Outfitters

Cane Brake Manufacturing

Cartoon of You

CBL Properties

Central Services

Chattahoochee Game Calls

Cimmarron Valley Outfitters

Click It Hot

Climbing Wall benefitting Make-A-Wish

Crain RV

Cutco Cutlery

Cypress Meadows Plantation

D&D Caps 'N T's

Dan Bristow Marketing

Dean Henderson Equipment

Deer 365/Banks Feed LLC

Derksen Portable Buildings

Direct Buy of Little Rock

Diva Outfitters "Womens Hunting Apparel"

Don's Guide Service

Dreamcatcher of Russellville

E&R Outdoors

Eagle Seed Company

Easton Elite

EZ Hang Chairs

French Hill for Arkansas

Friends of the NRA

Fuller Survival Products

Fun Guns n More

Gadgets & Gifts

Game Day

Gift Gorilla

Gregory Polaris

H & F Safaris

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Hyla Systems

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Iowa Liquidators

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Jaquandi Safaris

Jay Foster Promotions

JOCCO Products

Joe Martin's Snakes of Texas

John's Elgin Market

Kansas Trophy Outfitters

Kansas Unlimited

Killer Kallz

Lacey Outdoors

Landrith Land Co.

LARM Communications

Lazy Man Stands

Leaf River Lodge

Liquid Plate Transformation Graphics

Little Bear Forge

Lone Wolf Knives

Mayflower RV

Mickle's Pickles

Mid State Accessory Center

Miller Beer

Miller Leather Company

Mini Massage of Arkansas

Mitchell's Sunshades & More

Monster Whitetails of Arkansas

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Whispering Meadows Vineyards

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World Record Hunts-Kentucky

Xtreme Hunts

Yellow Yelper Turkey Calls

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The Arkansas Big Buck Classic began with the intention of recognizing the quality of whitetail deer Arkansas was producing. Before 1990, only those in an immediate local area ever knew about the big deer taken around them. There might occasionally be a picture in the newspaper, or stories told at the local check-in spots, coffee shops, or at the taxidermy. However, only a few folks actually got to hear the hunter's story first hand.

At that time, no matter what part of Arkansas a hunter was in, another region received the credit for producing the biggest bucks. Northern hunters said there were no big deer down south. Some said the mountains with its acorns didn't produce big deer like the Delta with its soybeans (or vice versa). Public land hunters thought all the big deer were harvested in big private hunting clubs. Since a few hundred people attended the first Arkansas Big Buck Classic at an indoor archery range in Jacksonville in 1990, practically every long-held myth concerning big deer in Arkansas has been dispelled.


Each January, thousands of people attend the Arkansas Big Buck Classic. Generations of Arkansas hunters get to see quality deer harvested from every region of the state, and hunters have the opportunity to tell their story of the one that did or DIDN'T get away. We hope you will come and enjoy the Big Buck Classic experience and continue the legacy that is hunting in the Natural State.


ABBC in the Community


Please visit the following sites to learn how YOU can become involved with these organizations.


Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry
By bringing a non-perishable food item, adult attendees of the Arkansas Big Buck Classic receive $1 off the price of admission. Since beginning this canned food drive, tens of thousands of food items have been donated to Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry, helping to feed hungry Arkansans.


Since 2006, the Arkansas Big Buck Classic has granted five wishes through the Make-A-Wish foundation for children with life-threatening illnesses. Proceeds from the climbing wall and the Chili Cook-off at the Classic go to Make-A-Wish.


Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
Over the years, the Arkansas Big Buck Classic has donated thousands of dollars to help support the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The Classic has also donated deer decoys to the AGFC enforcement division.


Arkansas 4-H Center
The Classic built the Arkansas Big Buck Classic Whitetail Education Center and built a boardwalk at the CA Vines 4H Center. The Classic sponsored and chaperoned the first Youth Elk Workshop, and it has provided 3 scholarships for senior high students committing to a degree in wildlife biology and conservation.


Be the Match
More than 300 people joined the national bone marrow registry at the 2011 Arkansas Big Buck Classic marrow drive, potentially saving many lives. ABBC supports and encourages everyone to participate in this very worthy cause that truly can make a life or death difference. Go online to find a drive near you, or request a kit online.


Hearts and Hooves
The Arkansas Big Buck Classic is proud to support this organization, which helps people with disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding.